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Audit Practice Support

Who we are

We are a team of audit, organizational development, technology and customer experience professionals that have come together to help internal audit departments be more effective.

We have a unique approach to supporting Internal Audit departments by applying behavioral sciences and technology to transform and sustain effective internal audit departments.

Audit Practice Support is positioned to provide you the best and most complete internal audit department support services you will find.

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A Message from our founder

Find out more about why we created Audit Practice Support.

Who we help

We provide practice support services to ALL Internal Audit and related organizations.

We also offer a subscription support service that has been specifically designed and priced for smaller departments (even the “department of one”) to help them receive quality practice support at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time resource.

Practice Support Community

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Key to our vision of elevating audit is creating a community of practice support professionals across the globe.

Let’s get together to discuss what is working, what isn’t, and together create solutions.

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Our Values

No business buzzword bingo cards needed!

Our values are simple words that we live by and that guide our actions here at Audit PS.

Mutual Respect

We care about effective organizations achieving their objectives. We respect and care about all races, religions, ages, nationalities, sexual orientations, political affiliations, etc.


We will do what is right regardless of what that means to the bottom line.

Enjoy Life

Time is precious. We enjoy life and provide a quality service that helps others enjoy it also.

You manage things; you lead people.

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