Workshops and Training that Transforms your Internal Audit Teams

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Learn Together

Are you tired of spending time and budget on “training” but never realize the return on that investment?

Our workshops and training programs provide opportunities to learn together through focused discussions, small group activities and engaging content that will improve your organization’s performance.

Objective Focused

We work with you to identify your objectives (changes you want to realize) and design the workshop around those objectives.

Value Quantified

Using our workshop investment model, we will help you quantify the return from investing into our workshops through tangible change.

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Increase the performance of your department through effective communication skills that deliver a clear, complete and concise message that influences action.

Writing to Influence

Learn how to influence through writing. This workshop will help you refine your writing skills to write faster with greater clarity and impact. Learning objectives include:

  • Using content organization strategies used by professional writers
  • Using strategies for learning how your readers absorb and act on information
  • Applying headlines to grab attention
  • Using storytelling techniques to engage readers
  • Learning where and how to use Generative AI to improve your writing
  • Learning how to clarify your message
  • Applying the F.A.R. framework to assess the effectiveness of your message
  • Using professional reviewing and editing techniques to improve your writing

4 hours, virtual or onsite. This workshop is especially effective when combined with the Visual Communication workshop.

Visual Communication

Reduce the cognitive load on your readers through visual communication and create more impact in your message. Learning objectives include:

  • Assessing the cognitive load of your communications
  • Appling simple UI and UX design tricks used by professionals to highlight important content
  • Using Generative AI to visualize concepts
  • Telling a story using images
  • Visualizing data

4 hours, virtual or onsite. This workshop is especially effective when combined with the Writing to Influence workshop.

Re-design your Audit Report

This full-day facilitated workshop begins with learning the basics of visual communications, visualizing data and writing with impact.

Together we then dissect and rebuild your audit report template to more effectively communicate your message to your stakeholders using the concepts we learned in first half of the workshop.

You will leave the workshop with a working audit report template that you can use immediately. 

Some important points:

  • This has been designed for audit leaders and managers who have a few years of experience writing audit reports.
  • We typically recommend breaking this workshop up into two 2 consecutive days.
  • Although we can facilitate this workshop virtually, it is more effective onsite.

Virtual Presentation Skills

Think you are an effective virtual facilitator? Unless you have studied and practiced this skill, you probably have a lot of opportunity to improve. Led by a facilitator with over 20 years of presenting virtually (yes, long before Zoom!), this workshop will help you learn and practice skills that will help you elevate your performance and motivate participants. Learning objectives include:

  • Using engagement tools to engage your audience beyond simple polling
  • Techniques to present to large audiences
  • Learning to read and manage the energy in the virtual environment
  • Creating intention in your message and avoiding the COP (content on page) syndrome
  • Avoiding engagement killers
  • Using the power of storytelling to motivate

During the workshop you will give short presentations to practice skills taught and receive feedback to help you refine your style and clarify your message.

4 hours, virtual only. Note: 10 participants maximum per workshop to provide individual coaching.

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Leadership Development

Our leadership development workshops help audit leaders and managers learn how to create trust and team engagement, and inspire performance.

Exceptional Team Performance

This multi-day workshop is the most impactful team building workshop we offer. This unique learning workshop will intentionally accelerate the performance of your teams by creating an understanding of how the individuals on your teams think and work, and then use that understanding to create team unity.

By being more intentional about our teamwork, we can accelerate the performance of our teams.  This multi-day workshop uses either the Myers-Briggs type assessment or the Personalysis preference assessment as a starting point to develop a language that helps us understand the unique strengths of each individual.  We then use that understanding and dive into how your teams think, communicate, act, work, respond to stress and perform as individuals and collectively as a team.

Included in this workshop:

  • The individual assessment followed by an individual debrief / coaching session to interpret the results of the assessment before the group workshop
  • A 2 hour group workshop to discuss how to use your your organization’s unique strengths to perform as teams
  • 2 follow-up sessions per team to follow up on how they are applying the learning to the team’s performance

Just some of the changes you will experience as a result of this workshop:

  • Team members will overcome individual biases and thinking about a “correct” style of working, thinking and communicating.
  • Teams will begin taking advantage of different strengths on the team to achieve objectives faster with increased quality.
  • Teams will achieve a greater sense of unity, engagement and focus.
  • Individuals will learn how to appropriately respond to stress.

The performance improvements will be immediately noticeable as your teams create stronger relationships, learn how to work, communicate and perform better as a team.


  • The group workshop is more effective onsite with all team members attending in person. 
  • The individual and follow up sessions can be virtual.

Creating psychological safety

Do your team members feel safe to speak up? If current engagement survey reports are an indication (see Gallup 2023 Engagement Survey results), likely the answer is: “not as much as you think”. With the new Global Internal Audit Standards (2023 Draft for Public Comment) emphasizing the need for a space to “feel supported” to raise issues, now is the time to find out if they are willing to do so and take corrective action to create that safe space if they do not.

During this workshop each individual will complete a simple assessment to understand their own level of psychological safety. We will then dive into what it means, how it impacts team performance and what concrete changes both leaders and team members can take to create a safe space for everyone in your organization. Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding what psychological safety is and the science backed need to create psychological safe spaces to work and live.
  • Recognizing behaviors that create both negative and positive spaces.
  • Implementing interventions to create safety in our teams

4 hours, virtual or onsite

Engage without burnout

With measurements of employee stress and burnout  at an all-time high (Gallup, 2023), how do you keep employees engaged, focused and productive without creating burnout?

This workshop will focus on the answer to that question and examine the questions you should be asking yourself and others to identify burnout and how to treat both the symptoms and causes of burnout.

  • Recognizing the symptoms of burnout in your team members
  • Understanding the causes of burnout that exist in your organization
  • Creating an action plan to address burnout in our teams
  • Creating a personal “care plan” to overcome burnout in our personal performance

2 hours, virtual or onsite

Overcoming The High Cost of Low Trust

Drawing on over 20 years of research and consulting on the impact of trust on organizations, this workshop focuses on how to build trust and avoid paying a “trust tax”.

We will look at the impact of trust on the performance of your teams from multiple angles: individual trust, trust in your teams, and trust in your organization.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding and recognizing the elements of trust and how to sift through the cultural “trust hype”
  • Understanding the science and the neurological impact of trust
  • Understanding what ‘trustworthiness’ means and how to use trust as a value multiplier
  • Understanding what organizational trust is and why it must be an intentional part of your leadership strategy
  • Understand the role of Internal Audit to be the guardian of organizational trust and how to message that role to stakeholders
  • Understanding how to measure trust and identify the cost of the trust tax to your organization
  • Creating a plan to overcome any lack of trust in your organization

Of all the workshops we facilitate for organizations, this one will have the greatest impact for individuals and leaders as it creates the foundation for all leadership development.

4 hours, virtual or onsite

Looking for something else?

We also provide engaging keynote presentations from 1 to 2 hours in length focused leadership, communication and relationship skills.

See “Keynote Presentations” for more details.

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