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Premier Support for your
Internal Audit Practice


An innovative solution to:

Not enough auditors…

Not enough budget…

Not enough time…

…to support your audit function.

We help Chief Audit Executives and audit leaders with innovative solutions and services to support your Internal Audit practice and increase performance.

We provide all the professional services, operations and talent development support you need to create an efficient Internal Audit function!

Let your audit teams focus on your audit plan, not support activities

We have over 25 years of experience supporting internal audit

Professional consultants and workshop facilitators to help you transform your department

Priced for departments of ALL sizes, even departments of ONE!

How we help you

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Audit Operations Plus

Introducing a revolutionary solution to support your Internal Audit practice

Our subscription service includes everything you need to keep your department running efficiently and aligned to your quality assurance program!

  • Weekly monitoring of your performance and quality metrics
  • Governance Documentation
  • Alignment to the Global Internal Audit Standards
  • Monthly quality assurance reports
  • Annual quality assessment and report to your audit committee and executive teams
  • Technology upgrades, system changes and user adoption activities
  • Annual strategic planning, goal setting, benchmarking & best practice implementation
  • And more for a low monthly fee!

See Audit Operations Plus Subscription Service for the details.

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Department Transformation

Create a new, or reorganize your existing audit function

Creating a new Internal Audit Department?

Our team can build out and manage the practice support infrastructure you will need to run a successful world-class Internal Audit department (tools, processes, QAIP, talent programs, etc.) and help you ramp up your audit teams.

See Creating a New Internal Audit Function for more information.

Implement Audit Management / GRC Software

From helping you choose the right tool (AuditBoard, TeamMate, etc.) through implementation, conversion and migration, we can help you make sure you realize the investment in whatever tool you choose.

Learn more about our Audit Management Software implementation services.

Automate & Integrate your workflow into ERP/GRC systems

Whether it is RPA, scripting or custom programming we can automate your workflow to test controls, analyze data, create reports and dashboards or integrate your audit management software into your corporate GRC or ERP systems.

See Internal Audit Automation & Integration for more information

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Quality Assurance

External Quality Assessment Readiness

Our team can help prepare you for your External Quality Review by assessing your department against the IPPF standards and then implement the needed recommendations. This is especially helpful if you choose the Self-Assessment with Independent Validation method for your external quality assessment.

Learn about our External Quality Assessment Preparation service.

Align your audit to the Global Internal Audit Standards

Align your audit processes and methodology to the new Global Internal Audit Standards which will be available in 2024.

Find out more about aligning your audit practice to the Global Internal Audit Standards.

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Talent Development

Leadership Development Workshops

We specialize in engaging team building workshops focused on communication, working together.

You can find a list of our current workshops here.

Professional Group Facilitation

A professional group facilitator is what you need when your teams need help agreeing to a course of action. Our professional facilitators ensure that the decision making process is fair, aligned with your strategy and will help mediate so teams get ‘unstuck’ and move forward.

Leadership Development Programs

Our team of experienced Organizational Development and Human Resource professionals understand the unique needs of Internal Audit and will create talent development solutions aligned to the profession and customized to your needs.

Our complete talent development program aligns your department’s skills and competencies to your strategic objectives and includes career models, learning programs and resources like job descriptions and skills assessments for both staff and managers.

What is Professional Practice Support?

Internal Audit Professional Practice Support Groups help improve the audit function, managing operations, reduce the stress and workload of auditors and help create efficient departments.

See our infographic on Professional Practice Support Groups for more information.

Infographic on the 4 T's of Internal Audit Professional Practice Groups

Practice Support Community

Join the community dedicated to Internal Audit Practice Support Professionals

Share your best practices

Learn from colleagues

Find solutions

Network with colleagues, find answers and elevate your Internal Audit organization.

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Learning workshops
Conference Keynote Presentations

Conference presentation

Learn leadership, team building, communications, practice support and other skills from professional speakers and facilitators.

Department off-site meetings

IIA Chapter learning events

Management Meetings

All Hands events

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The Post Script

Insights to help leaders & practice support teams