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Zero Headaches

Welcome to the zero headache Audit Management System implementation service.

Our full-service implementation plan eliminates the pain of implementing and integrating Audit Management Software.

25+ years of experience

Full-service (sourcing, implementation & user adoption)

Embedded into your Quality Assurance program

Minimized disruption to your audit team

Sourcing & Procurement

  • Building your business case
  • Creating requirements and managing the RFP process
  • Analyzing your current methodology, process, quality assurance metrics and best practices
  • Designing metrics based on quality and user adoption to calculate cost savings, quality improvements and investment recovery post implementation
  • Facilitating a vendor selection process that minimizes bias
  • Creating implementation plans that align your methodology with the features of the new tool, standards (IPPF, 2024 revised standards, or yellow book) and your quality assurance metrics


  • Managing the vendor implementation to ensure expectations are met
  • Configuring the software to your methodology and quality standards while taking advantage of new features
  • Migrating and converting your existing data
  • Creating instructional design materials (documentation, learning modules, etc.)
  • Implementing business continuity plans

User Adoption

  • Integrating instructional design materials into your knowledge management systems and process
  • Monitoring your Quality Assurance (QAIP) activities
  • Facilitating user adoption and education activities
  • Creating integrations to other systems (GRC / ERP, etc.)
  • Creating dashboards, reports and automations where required
  • Verifying metrics for investment recovery
  • Monitoring, providing ongoing support and customer care for 3 months

Annual Support Services

We don’t stop at implementation!

We also provide an optional service to annually support your new tool, freeing your audit staff to do what they do best: deliver exceptional audit services.

  • We help modify the system when your processes change.
  • We help you implement new system features into your process when they are introduced.
  • We maintain your learning materials and methodology documentation as your system and process change.
  • We help you on-board new users so they learn the new tool and how the tool supports your process and methodology.
  • We provide quality assurance validation and reporting.
  • We monitor the vendor to ensure SLA, support and other contractual agreements are met.

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Frequently asked questions

Have another question?

How long does a typical implementation take?

The implementation time depends on several factors such as: the size and complexity of your audit department, integrations to other systems and the complexity of the migration and conversion process. Once we understand the full scope of your unique situation we will be able to provide an accurate project schedule.

Do you provide international services?

Absolutely. Although currently we can only provide services in English, we will provide services across the globe and in whatever time zone you are in.

Do you support all Audit Management Software vendors?

Absolutely. Our services are tool agnostic. Regardless what tool you use, we can help you integrate it.

Do you work on-site?

Yes. When we create an implementation strategy for your organization, we will propose the number on-site visits that we recommend that will balance the cost with the effectiveness of the service.

I’m already in the middle an implementation project, can you still help?

Absolutely, it doesn’t matter where you are in your implementation journey, we can help.