Internal Audit Technology Implementation, Automation & Integration

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Eliminate Friction

Reduce the friction in your workflow by automating time-consuming tasks and integrating your system into your company ERP and GRC systems.

We can create continuous auditing, monitoring, automated control testing and risk assessment solutions to elevate your audit & SOX function to the next level.

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Elevate your workflow by integrating your audit technology


  • Create robotic process automations (RPA)
  • Automate your dashboard reporting
  • Automate your management and audit committee reporting
  • Automate your issue follow up requests
  • Automate your control testing


  • Combine your issue reporting with ERP and GRC systems
  • Create continuous risk assessment dashboards
  • Create continuous monitoring and auditing solutions

Implementing a new Audit Management System?

Our implementation service has been perfected over 25 years of experience.

Full-service support (sourcing, implementation & user adoption)

Quality Assurance & Improvement (QAIP) embedded from the beginning

Minimized disruption to your audit team and audit plan

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