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Our training helps build the foundation of performance by focusing on fundamental skills and behaviors like communication, influence, trust, time management, leadership, talent development, engagement and others.

Our presentations are designed for virtual or onsite audiences of any size. The length of each presentation can be customized to your schedule.


We take advantage of the latest in virtual and onsite discussion techniques to engage every participant.


We focus on the leadership development skills that will make a difference in your team’s performance.


Led by professional speaker with over 25 years of professional audience engaging experience.

A Sample of our training topics

Whether your interest is in communicating with impact or engaging your teams, our keynote topics are relevant, informational and inspire your audience to do something.

Perfect for your next IIA chapter or department learning event!

The Art of Visual Communication

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Learn how to reduce the cognitive load on your readers through visual communication. We will look at some quick and simple tips from UI and UX design professionals including using color, font, symbols and other visual cues to clarify, simplify and communicate your message.

Topics: communication, writing, critical thinking, influence

The Art of Writing with Impact

This presentation will focus on writing to influence using the F.A.R. framework. Participants will learn how to be more effective at defining what they are communicating, and more intentional about how the message communicated.

Topics: communication, writing influence

Management Dashboards that Dazzle

Dashboards can help you manage the performance of your audit team, but few dashboards and reports actually deliver the value originally promised. This discussion will help you ask the right questions to rethink your management dashboards and help you turn them into something that actually helps you improve your audit function.

Topics: dashboards, audit execution, audit performance, visual communication

The Fallacy of Doing More with Less

Are you tired of hearing from business leaders and vendors that you can and should do more with less?  Let’s discuss the laws of work to understand why this is physically impossible, and the destructive impact this message can have on employee engagement. We then help you reframe the message and provide alternative approaches that build engagement and create unity.

Topics: audit execution, critical thinking, improving performance, communication

Avoiding the High Cost of Burnout

The measurements of employee stress and burnout are at an all-time high (Gallup, 2023) and Human Capital is the 2nd top risk in organizations (2024 Risk in Focus, IIA). Explore what we can do as audit leaders and teams to recognize burnout and manage the stress in our audit teams. Also learn how to call out employee burnout as an audit issue and elevate the awareness of this risk in your organization.

Topics: employee engagement, leadership, culture

Creating Psychological Safety

The Global Internal Audit Standards (2023 Draft for Public Comment) states that the CAE must “must maintain a work environment where internal auditors feel supported when expressing legitimate, evidence-based findings, conclusions, and recommendations, whether favorable or unfavorable”. This presentation will help you understand psychological safety, how to evaluate it, and how to create a safe space for your teams to be effective.

Topics: emotional Intelligence, talent engagement, psychological safety

Would You follow You?

If you were the leader of your organization, would you want to follow yourself? During this overview, we will focus on how your followers provide unspoken feedback on your ability to lead with trust, gratitude and respect.

Topics: leadership, individual trust, psychological safety, emotional intelligence

Guardians of Trust

During this presentation we will look at trust through two separate lenses; first, the lens of stakeholder trust in your audit function and second, the lens of audit’s role as a guardian of trust in your company. Learn how to talk about trust and the impact audit issues can have in creating organizational trust.

Topics: leadership, organizational trust, audit performance

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We also have in-depth workshops focused on critical thinking, performance management, leading teams, data analytics, risk assessment, and other leadership development topics.

See “Training that Transforms” for more information.

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