Solutions to Engage and
Develop your Talent

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Our complete talent development program will help you:

Increase engagement

Increase retention

Increase performance

Engage your teams

For the past 15 years, we have been perfecting our unique approach to team engagement programs for internal audit. Our service will help you create a customized process that will align your talent strategy to the needs of your company and help your teams excel through development plans and career models that help them, and you, meet your objectives.

Our programs are guaranteed to pass any External Quality Assessment, and include updates for one year following our engagement. Read more about our 6 step process below.


Creating a Talent Strategy

A talent strategy is crucial to the success of your organization and is often overlooked by audit leaders. This strategy will help you prioritize how you source, organize, educate, promote, and engage your teams to meet your objectives. Through professional group facilitation activities, we will help you answer the questions you need to answer to create your talent strategy. We then create the metrics and dashboards needed to help you monitor the execution of your strategy.


Competency Models & Assessments

Once your talent strategy is complete, we create career paths, succession plans, competency models and assessments that are aligned to that strategy. These assessments will help you understand how well the skills and knowledge of your teams align to your strategy. As new staff are onboarded or, as team members learn new parts of the business or new skills, they update their profile. We then send you monthly reports and dashboards that allow you to see how well your teams will be able to deliver on your audit objectives for a year post engagement.

This also gives you the confidence to answer the question asked frequently by Audit Committees: “Do you have the resources to complete this plan?”


Finding talent

Creating good job descriptions require art, science and a good understanding of internal audit, something HR departments typically do not understand. And good job descriptions make a huge difference in attracting the right type of people for your organization. Our approach to job descriptions aligns the opportunity to your competency model and talent strategy, so you can make sure you are looking for the right people you need. We will create the templates, basic job descriptions and everything else you need to be successful as you search for the right candidate. We also can create marketing materials that highlight what is unique about your department and help you stand out to potential candidates.

And, if you require recruiting for that next position, we have a great network of both auditors and recruiters and can help you with that also.



Team engagement in a new job begins before the person even steps into your virtual front door. We will help you design an onboarding program that can reduce the new hire productivity gap by over 60% and sets up an employee for a productive career in your organization.


Developing Teams

The next step in your talent development program is creating team and department development plans. Department development plans map out the plan for achieving your strategic objectives while individuals use personal career progression plans to help them achieve their career goals and progress in your organization.

We offer several development workshops for increasing specific skills and we have partnered with additional providers that can help with the learning and education your team needs to meet their objectives.


Engaging Teams

The final step in our talent development program is developing leaders to engage your teams. Our leadership development program will help your internal audit leaders and managers develop into true team leaders that engage, inspire and consistently outperform. Our leadership development program includes understanding and practicing competencies like: developing trust, banishing burnout, creating psychological safety, project and time management, just to name a few.

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