Creating a new Internal Audit Function

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Creating a new internal audit function?


This is an exciting time, and not an easy task.

Fortunately, we are here to make it easier!

Here are some of the ways you can leverage our 25 years of experience to help you create a new world-class internal audit function.

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Strategic Planning

Our facilitated planning session includes the latest studies and benchmarks to help you identify and create:

  • Your vision, mission and department objectives
  • Your key stakeholders
  • Alignment with the business
  • Quality & Performance metrics

Then we create the foundation documents for your department:

  • Internal Audit Charter
  • Code of Ethics
  • Independence Statement
  • Relationship Maps
  • First 90 day plan
  • Strategic operating plan
  • Strategic communication plans
  • Department Branding

Quality Assurance & Improvement (QAIP) is embedded into your internal audit practice from the start!

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We help find the right auditors for your new department:

  • Create job descriptions
  • Leveraging recruiters and job search boards
  • Onboard your new staff

While that is happening we also create:

  • Job aids
  • Learning plans
  • Report templates

Note: If you have a corporate HR function, we will work with them to help you staff your department, otherwise we will leverage our network of exceptional recruiters.

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We setup the infrastructure you need to be successful:

  • Help you choose and implement an Audit Management system
  • Creating risk assessment, reporting, automation, continuous monitoring solutions

While that is happening we also:

  • Document your policies, procedures, QAIP & Methodology
  • Create a user adoption strategy that includes learning materials for onboarding new users
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Finally, we make sure you are setup to monitor the quality and performance of your new department:

  • Creating dashboards and reports aligned to your performance metrics
  • Issue management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Stakeholder communications

Once you are setup you can continue with our premier Quality Assurance & Support Subscription Service or we will transfer the knowledge to your team.

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You have enough work to do, let us make it easy

Save money by decreasing the department build-out time

Quality Assurance & Improvement (QAIP) embedded throughout

Leverage our innovative thinking into your Internal Audit process

Priced and designed for small departments

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